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Trapa's Conifur 2001 con badge, by Auryanne

Trapa is an African civet who is based in British Columbia and attends and staffs a number of conventions. He has long[when?] had a character on The Lion King MUCK, and his fursuit character is a civet. In June of 2008 he graduated university with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems, specializing in both networking and security.

Conventions and planned events[edit]


From the birth of Califur to October 2008, Trapa was the co-chair of Califur. In this role he helps to plan the convention and maintains the operations side of the convention planning. Through his efforts many of his friends and his furry family have ended up on the staff of Califur.


In 2006, Trapa agreed to try to help Seattle have a convention again. He worked very hard on starting up the convention called RainFurrest, which he co-chaired in 2007. Gene, the other co-chair of RainFurrest, announced that Trapa would be the chair of RainFurrest in 2008.

Califur Train trip[edit]

For 2005 to 2008 Trapa orchestrated Califur Train which was a group train trip to and from Califur for furries from the North to make it to Califur.

FC Van Trip[edit]

Each year Trapa also orchestrates the Further Confusion van trip. The trip started the first year as a group of four furries renting a car to head to California. The second year of the trip it was 6 furries in a rental van. The third year it was 12 furs in two vans. The fourth year was 20 furries in 4 rental vans. The van trip website is at FC Van Trip Website


As of late November 2011 Trapa was confirmed as Consultant for Furaleigh, a convention proposed for 2013 in North Carolina, U.S.A.[1]

Furry business ventures[edit]

By 2006, Trapa started the business Paw Printing to help artists sell their artwork (and to cover the cost of attending conventions). After an initial fursuit collaboration[when?] he worked with Scribblefox to create Northwest Furry Productions, a fursuiting business which lasted for three years.


Trapa is a certified amateur radio operator and instructor in Canada. He purchased several radios over time so that the conventions he runs didn't have to. Trapa has all the equipment needed to repair and maintain many two way radios and does offer his services at near-free prices to any other furries out there.


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