Trap Me! - Finally, a Happy Gay Furry Adventure

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Trap Me! - Written by Chris and Cooper Elkin
Trap Me! - Finally, a Happy Gay Furry Adventure is a series of novels written by furry authors Chris and Cooper Elkin, published on 7th of November 2014, by CreateSpace and Smashwords.

The novels are considered to be part of the Fantasy Genre, with a focus on steampunk elements and the romantic relationship that gradually forms (or not) between the two main characters.

The Story[edit]

The story in "Trap Me!" follows two furries - a canine and a feline named Aidan and Zack respectively - and their journey throughout a steampunk world that they must save from imminent danger.

In the first book, Aidan has a growing interest in obtaining a certain priceless artifact and he ends up blackmailing Zack into coming along and helping him out. Throughout their adventure, they face unexpected twists and turns that ultimately lead up to a different result than what the duo had expected.

While the approach to storytelling leans towards the classic side - with a villain and perhaps an interesting play on the "sidekick idea" - the romance and comedy in "Trap Me!" aims towards the Young Adults Generation. The book is rated by its authors as being 14+, containing just mild acts of violence and gay themes.

Currently, a sequel entitled "Trap Me! 2" is in the works.

The Characters[edit]

Aidan Prowl is a male canine in his right mind (sometimes). He's a musician and, more or less, a freelancer in that profession. He lives in the attic of his parents' home, in "Rhodworth". Although his dream to become famous is very much alive within him, Aidan might discover something else along the way that could change his mind and help him see that there are other, more important things in life.

Zackary Pace is a male feline, son of the local Blacksmith of "Rhodworth". His vision of a happy life does not exactly coincide with his father's vision of a bountiful future, as Zack wishes to become a cartographer. Throughout the journey he takes, he learns that there are always more options to end a certain conflict - and choosing the one that is right for you can end up defining you as a furry.

Tara Beaudefire is a female fox, Captain of the Armed Gentlefurs in "Palladis". Her job is simple - keep everyfurry safe. When she accidentally collides with two suspiciously-acting furs, she ends up going out of her comfort zone into the wilderness only to realize that, perhaps, she still has much more to learn from life.

About the Authors[edit]

Chris and Cooper Elkin are not married (yet). They have always wanted to find a good furry book to read, one that is fun and exciting but also steampunk-ish and lgbt related as they put it. Not being able to find one that satisfied their taste for reading, they decided to write one for the evergrowing Furry and Gay Communities.

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