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This article is about the Japanese convention. There is also an art archive called Transfur.
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Status Discontinued
First iteration May 7, 2005
Final iteration December 15, 2007
Subject Convention
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とらんすふぁ (TransFur, the "animal transformation event") was the sole furry convention in Japan from 2005 - 2007. Held in the city of Kawasaki since 2005, the event aspired to cover the full spectrum of furry activities.

It also appealed to related interests such as dragon fandom and had a strong tradition of fursuiting (although non-fursuiters are welcome as well). There was no charge to attend the convention.

A new instance of the event was not scheduled after the fifth iteration. Most of the main organizers instead launched a successor event, Kemocon, beginning in 2008.

TransFur (convention) (edit)
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1st TransFur[edit]

The first convention was held in Tokyo at the BumB "sports and culture hotel" on May 7, 2005. It was attended by nearly 90 people.

2nd TransFur[edit]

The second convention was held in the city of Kawasaki, Kanagawa on December 3, 2005 with about 120 attendees.

3rd TransFur[edit]

The third convention was held in exhibition room 4F of the Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall on May 4, 2006 with about 170 attendees.

4th TransFur[edit]

The fourth convention was held at the same location on December 3, 2006. Over 170 people attended, including an increased number of women. Around 50 members collected for the final photograph.[1]

5th TransFur[edit]

The fifth convention took place on December 15, 2007 with over 180 attending, including at least 47 fursuiters.[2][3]



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