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This page is about the art archive. There is also a Japanese furry convention called とらんすふぁ (TransFur).

Author(s) Owner: Aurali
Launch date November 1, 1998
End date Ongoing
Genre Multimedia archive
Web MA
Web NC-17

Transfur is an image gallery specializing in furry, animal, and mythological transformations. Founded in 1998, it is one of the oldest art archives catering to the furry community.


The archive was designed to overcome many of the typical problems encountered when browsing online art galleries. It contains many advanced features, some not found anywhere else:

  • User customizable content filtering.
  • Image categorization by species.
  • Image categorization by theme.
  • Sorting and browsing by number of views.
  • Sorting and browsing by popularity.
  • Ability for users to create their own custom gallery of favorite images.


Submitted artwork must be on-topic (transformation-related) and must be of a certain level of quality. In addition, "obscene" and extreme adult content is forbidden.

Popularity in Japan[edit]

For many years, Transfur was one of the only furry art galleries to be partially translated into the Japanese language. As a result, it acquired a minor following within the Japanese kemono community. The term "transfur" is now used as an adjective in Romanji to describe an animal or furry transformation.

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