Trannywolf (comic)

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Author(s) Fröken Keke
Update schedule Fridays, currently on hiatus
Launch date 2009
Genre Slice of life, comedy
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Trannywolf (Swedish title: Transavarg) is a humorous webcomic and Flash cartoon franchise by Fröken Keke. The comic centers around the lives and times of a wolf who gains the ability to switch genders. Trannywolf is primarily hosted on Smackjeeves and is intended to be updated every Friday, though actual updates are very irregular.[1] While the protagonist shares its name with the author, the stories are purely fictional.


Trannywolf is the story about the transgendered wolf Keke/Kiki who, after a lab accident gains the ability to switch genders through the use of a necklace. The stories are episodic and mostly self-contained, usually slice of life with occasional fantastical elements. The setting is a fictional Swedish suburb called Lunaville.

There has been several crossovers with the webcomic Sounds Like a Melody by Owlor, to the extent that the comics can be considered to have a shared universe.


The cast of Trannywolf:[2]

  • Keke/Kiki - The titular "trannywolf".
  • Ylva - Keke/Kiki's sister, also a wolf.
  • Twiga - A giraffe friend of the protagonist.
  • Lao - A panda friend of the protagonist.
  • Doc - A local scientist who's experiment gained Keke/Kiki the ability to switch genders.
  • Rover & Bailey - A border collie and sheep showbiz duo.


  • Transelectricity - Tells the backstory of how Keke/Kiki gained the ability to switch genders.
  • The Fall of Keke Starmud and the Colours in Greyscale - A local music contest is held in Lunaville, and Keke signs up despite knowing nothing about playing music.
  • Radiated Rain - Kiki thinks about the rain on a rainy day.
  • Neck of Town - Twiga invites his friends over to his house.


These are Trannywolf related comics that aren't hosted along with the main comic, it's questionable if they can be considered canon.

  • Radio Keke - A 24 Hour Comic Day effort by Fröken Keke to have a radio broadcast in comic format.[3]
  • Metakalendern - A Christmas calendar hosted on the Swedish gaming forum, where every day was a short Trannywolf comic strip.[4]
  • Rotten Empire - A comic about the upper class of Victorian England. Despite the time period, the protagonist appears to be Kiki. This comic was featured in the first issue of the Furluminati Fanzine.

Animation, videos and interactive media[edit]

There has been several Trannywolf related videos and interactive stories.

  • Stumfilm/Silent Film - Flash cartoon, Doc creates a device which can silence anything, Kiki then uses it to cause mischief.
  • Morning Glory - Interactive Flash, Kiki goes through an everyday morning, the player has to help her get through it alive by making the right decisions.
  • Oktoberfilm - Flash cartoon, Kiki and Lao have a discussion about Halloween.
  • Att vara till nytta för Fröken Keke! - Puppet video, Kiki has a Christmas show with commercials and song numbers. Made for the Swedish gaming forum[5]



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