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trancy MICK (other pen name; Mick39, or Mick-Ono) is a furry artist from the Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan. Her current active pen name is Mick-Ono, that is used at her Patreon mainly.


Mick is the creator of the Sergals in 2003, a fictional species with reptilian and mammalian features and human sapience. Sergals are the primary characters in her stories set in the world of Vilous, a Sci-Fi and fantasy universe. Vilous also features numerous other fictional species, such as Nevreans, a sapient feathered dinosaur species.

Notable characters[edit]


Mick's fursona is a female Talyxian-stalker named "Cracked", often is called "Purple-cottoncandy" in her twitter mainly.

External links[edit]

  • "V I L O U S" - trancy MICK's personal website, but is inactive for a long time.
  • Vilous -Official Website- - The official website for world of Vilous, that is founded and managed by her official staff team. Most current and active place for any information and production of Vilous.
  • trancy MICK on Fur Affinity
  • GOLD RING the VILOUS wiki - Official wikia of world of Vilous. There are a lot of lore and arts of Vilous world-view and species, include Sergals.
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