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Tournament of Legends is a fighting game released exclusively for the Wii in April 6, 2010. It was developed by High Voltage Software using the Wii-specific, Quantum3, as its engine. The game was published by Sega.


The game is set in a Graeco-Roman setting, and within the games story, Jupiter has gone missing, and Thanatos, the god of death, has taken over as there is no one left to oppose him. Many mythical creatures and people see this as an opportunity to take control of Jupiters throne and are set out to challenge Thanatos.


Akki and Goryo A slave and master pair.

Bast the Egyptian goddess Bast (also known as Bastet) She appears to be an Egyptian woman, but has a cats head.

Bravehoof a minotaur who uses a giant axe to fight.

Jupiter The king of the mythological gods. He is made of stone and wields a stone club and shield.

Kara A valkyrie of Norse mythology who wears blue armor and uses a spear. She likes to fight.

Marcus A Roman gladiator who seeks greater glory. He is the only character who's human.

Narcia A gorgon who was once human but was transformed. She has a snakes head and skin and twin swords.

Volcanus A robot controlled by his creator set out to prove that technology is superior to mythical powers.

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