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Toris LaCroix is a furry amateur writer who lives in Poland. He published several short stories so far, most of these featured on, under Gryphus (now Toris) forum name. One of the works, "Imperfection", is an on-going reboot of two sci-fi stories about Cody Faulkner which were published on - one of them winning a writing competition held on the site.


Toris is an anthro gray fox with bold and snarky attitude, usually depicted as a smuggler (in science-fiction) or a magic user (in fantasy).

Major works[edit]


The Codyverse is depiction of a dystopian future in which humanity colonized the closest star systems to Sol using FTL - albeit severly limited in terms of range - and developed human-animal hybrids to bypass a treaty which bans human slavery, drug testing and inhumane experiments. The short stories (and planned novella), usually starring Cody Faulkner as a main anti-hero, also serve as a skeptical criticism over real life human-animal hybrid experiments and shunning upon racism, social injustice and xenophobia. The Bounty Hunter is a short story that had started the entire project, but was put on hold with moving onto new FurAffinity account.

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