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Toris LaCroix, nowadays known rather as Toris Chrusade, (born 1990) is a furry amateur writer and former musician whose fursona used to be anthropomorphic fox named Toris. Nowadays, de facto he does not have any fursona. He lives in Poland.

Toris has been a furry since 2005, when he set up a gallery on deviantART. He performed as a short-lived one-man black metal band called "Dethfuchs" (Deth from Dethklok name and Fuchs from German word 'fox'), with songs that had some furry theme. He was also member of the metal band "Kadeus", whose songs did not have any furry theme. For early 2011 both of the projects were cancelled, both failing due to hardships in real life. He dropped musicial career in early 2014 due to irrevertable loss of source data.

Toris is known for dedication towards Japanese and Hong Kong Mahjong, other hobbies being video games, reading and writing.


The exact origin of the name had been forgotten through years, however it used to belong originally to one of the side character from Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction.

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