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Toris LaCroix, known also as Toris Gray, (born 1990) is a furry musician and beginner writer whose fursona is anthropomorphic fox named Toris. He lives in Poland.

Toris has been a furry since 2005, when he set up a gallery on deviantART. He performed as a one-man black metal band called "Dethfuchs" (Deth from Dethklok name and Fuchs from German word 'fox'), with songs that have some furry theme. He was also member of the metal band "Kadeus", whose songs do not have any furry theme.

For early 2011 both of the projects were cancelled, and Toris focused on his player career in Polish Go League. He plays Riichi and Kansai Riichi as well.

Toris is a member of Universal Life Church.


The name Toris is a joke about Heavy Metal, Tor being one of the heaviest metals. Tor is in the Latvian language word "Toris".

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