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Alexander Amadeus Grey

Alexander Amadeus Grey, previously Tori Andrew Belliachi, also known as robomilk, Cartographer and querkmachine (real name Shaun "Grey" Hargreaves) is a furry fan best known for creating a number of videos and websites concerning the fandom.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Grey became a furry in May 2006, having originally discovered the furry fandom in November 2005. He formally left the fandom in July 2012[1] and has since become heavily active in the brony community.

Grey originally conceived The Furtean Times (and associated holding company Furry Media International) in January 2007, intending to create a free, online furry fanzine. Grey ran The Furtean Times for three years, eventually evolving it into a news-orientated service until closure in September 2010. The majority of the content from The Furtean Times was archived by Flayrah following the site's closure.

Grey operated as head of design for MyFursona between December 2007 and April 2009, being instrumental in the site's early development and spearheading the MyFursona Eden project. Grey returned to the site in January 2011, to assist MyFursona's redevelopment.

Grey became a WikiFur curator in June 2008.

Grey founded the Darn Blimps Minecraft server in February 2011, being dissatisfied with other multiplayer servers he experienced.


Grey was originally named Tori Andrew Belliachi between May 2006 and February 2009. The character of Grey changed on a semi-regular basis, usually every 13 months; these changes were sometimes drastic, ranging from a change of species to minor cosmetic alterations. Some aspects of the character remained consistent through these changes, such as the grey fur colouring and black hair.

Grey's most recent fursona was a light-grey Honduran white bat, standing at 4'1" tall and weighing 220lbs. Nearly half of that weight is made up of cyborg components such as an electronic nervous system, nanobots and large, distinguishing computer goggles. His personality was usually quite eccentric, and he frequently performed unexplainable or unrealistic acts - often in defiance of reality.

Grey's character trademark was the concept of the "orange shirt". Orange is commonly used as an accent against the neutral grey colours of the character, appearing in several images as an orange-coloured shirt. As a bat (the concept of a wing-fitting shirt being a furgonomic challenge) the orange was transferred to the goggles. Many temporary accessories were usually coloured orange.

The evolution of Alexander Grey over time.

Fursona development[edit]

Grey's fursona was originally a wolf, although he originally lacked the black headfur that became a character trademark. The earliest variation resembled a Kemonomimi, although this was unintentional.

Following consultation with a therian friend in June 2007, Grey changed species to a folf, a specifically defined 82% wolf and 18% fox hybrid. Grey occassionally used an alt during this time - a nonmorphic fruit bat affectionately named "Tori Battiachi" - that became a precursor to the following fursona.

From July 2008, Grey's fursona was a long-tongued fruit bat. While based significantly on the "Battiachi" character, this version is anthropomorphic. Until August 2009, Grey wore a beret adorned with a Communist star, similar to that of Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevara. Following this, the character was changed to a cyborg, although has no obvious cyborg features. In July 2011, he changed to a Honduran white bat.

Conventions and furmeets[edit]

Between 2007 and 2009, Grey held a private furmeet to celebrate his birthday. He frequently attended Manchester mini-meets from 2007 to 2009, in which he assisted as a handler for fursuit parades. Grey was co-organiser of the Manchester fatfur-meets with Little Wolf.

Grey attended ConFuzzled 2010 - his first convention - assisting with the fursuit parade. Grey previously attended ConFuzzled 2008 as a media representative, reporting for The Furtean Times.


YouTube Furry War[edit]

Grey entered the fray of the YouTube Furry War after posting a video response to an anti-furry troll - believing the individual to simply be misinformed - he provided corrections to the troll video. More videos followed, building up a small following. In August 2007 he announced he left the war for lack of any good arguments being made against him.

Furry Guru[edit]

Mere days after the end of the YouTube Furry War series a new series began named Furry Guru, in which Grey answered questions from people both in and outside of the fandom. This series was commended by a number of "popular" furries including Silentwulf and 2 Gryphon. It is also credited for creating a number of new furries, notably Tamias, a long-term furry spectator. This series ended in March 2008 due to personal commitments.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom[edit]

Grey founded the placeholder image service and Bristol Bronies meet and social organisation in July 2012, which holds events on a weekly basis.

He attended BUCK in August 2012.


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