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Top Dogs Podcast
Fiction whip stream Top Dogs logo.jpg
Host(s) FictionBoi, Whiplash Wolf, Stream ArcaDad
Update schedule Active, weekly
Launch date May 2022
Genre Society and culture, personal journal

Top Dogs is a weekly released furry podcast that talks about all things furry. It is recorded in VRChat in a customized world built specifically for the podcast. Video episodes are hosted on YouTube while the audio episodes are available on all major podcast platforms on their RSS feed (audio episodes are released every Tuesday and video episodes every Wednesday).

Background and history[edit]

Started as an idea by FictionBoi to have a podcast show primarily located on the social platform of VRChat. He then reached out to several other people including Coltyn, Whiplash Wolf, Conrad Husky, and J'ron.

Together they published the first episode of Top Dogs on May 23, 2022. Towards the end of June, Conrad Husky decided to step down from the team. In his absence, we decided that team members from the production team could be featured on the show as a "rotating seat" to discuss topics they are particularly passionate about.

However, the team felt that a third permanent podcaster/host would still be needed so on August 28, 2022, Stream Arcadad made his debut on the podcast.

Season 2 of the podcast started on January 10th, 2023.



  • FictionBoi
  • Whiplash Wolf
  • Stream ArcaDad

Production team[edit]

Former team members[edit]

Episode list[edit]

Season 1[edit]

  • S1 Ep1 - Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022, pt1

The boys talk about their experience with Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA), part 1

  • S1 Ep2 - Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022, pt2

The boys talk about their experience with Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA), part 2

  • S1 Ep3 - Our furry stories

The boys talk about their beginnings in the furry community

  • S1 Ep4 - VRChat

The boys talk about virtual reality chat (VRChat) and its relation to furry

  • S1 Ep5 - Furality Aqua

The boys talk about their experience at Furality Aqua - a virtual reality furry convention

  • S1 Ep6 - Content creation, the panel [FWA2022]

Join FictionBoi, Whiplash Wolf, and Diffuse Moose as they talk about their journey through content creation and the processes they use for creating content. This was a panel at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022

  • S1 ep7 - Furry community and mental health

The boys talk about mental health, the struggles they go through, and provide some advice for those going through a rough time

  • S1 Ep8 - Andres aka Sara Cream, our first community guest [18+ episode]

Content warning: adult content, sexually explicit. We are happy to host our first community guest Andres/Sara Cream to the podcast

  • S1 Ep9 - Hobbies and Interests ft. Biogodz

This episode features Biogodz, a producer for the Top Dogs podcast group. In today's episode the boys talk about their hobbies and interests

  • S1 Ep10 - Anthropomorphic characters in media

In this episode, the boys talk about anthropomorphic characters in media, in the past and now

  • S1 Ep11 - Freaky Furry World ft. Kolfy Cola

This episode features Kolfy Cola, an editor for the podcast. For today's topic the boys discuss the freaky furry world that are Fursonas

  • S1 Ep12 - Content creation, the backstory ft. Biogodz

This week's episode is about content creation and how the boys got into it. This episode features Biogodz, a producer for the podcast

  • S1 Ep13 - Furries in the workforce

The boys discuss their previous jobs, commentary about jobs in the furry community, and what they hope to accomplish in the future

  • S1 Ep14 - Inspiration

The boys talk about what inspiration means to them and how it drives them to be better people for themselves and the furry community

  • S1 Ep15 - Creativity ft. Andres and Kolfy [Stream ArcaDad premiere episode]

This episode focuses all on creativity, what it means to the group, and how it applies to VRChat and daily life

  • S1 Ep16 - Music

Today's episode is centered all around music and what the boys enjoy the most about music and the culture surrounding it

  • S1 Ep17 - Food ft. Kolfy and Andres

Today's episode is centered all around food, what are the boys favorite foods and their opinion on some of your favorite foods

  • S1 Ep18 - Video game industry part 1 ft. Diffuse Moose

Diffuse is a veteran of the video game industry and we are very excited to share the discussion we had with him with you all. Listen as he gives his insights into the video game industry, his favorite all time games, and what to develop when trying to enter the video game industry

  • S1 Ep19 - Video game industry part 2 ft. Diffuse Moose

Part 2 of the interview with Diffuse Moose

  • S1 Ep20 - Self-esteem, part 1

In this episode the boys discuss self-esteem, self-appreciation, and ego. Come listen and learn how the boys past experiences shape who they are today

  • S1 Ep21 - Self-esteem, part 2

This week is a continuation of last week's episode where the boys go further into self-esteem, self-appreciation, and ego and its applications in all kinds of relationships

  • S1 Ep22 - Weather of the severe sorts ft. J'ron

Weather happens all the time but severe weather is always something to talk about and that's the focus of this week's episode

  • S1 Ep23 - Halloween 2022 special ft. Biogodz

We hope you enjoy this very special Halloween episode this week

  • S1 Ep24 - Furry Jackass ft. Top Dogs Team

This week's episode is about the boys' retelling of "jackass" moments in their life. This episode also features a few team members such as Cuppa and Greyson and the return of Kolfy

  • S1 Ep25 - Movies ft. Kolfy

This week the boys talk about their favorite movies, least favorite, what makes a movie great, and what are their cult favorite movies

  • S1 Ep26 - Drama Llamas ft. Blue and Dark

This week the boys talk about drama and how to best deal with it

  • S1 Ep27 - Fandoms and communities

In this week's episode, the boys talk about different communities and fandoms they are a part of and discuss the good and ugly side of being in on

  • S1 Ep28 - VR Technology and you ft. Blue

This week the boys talk all about virtual reality (VR) technology: Past, Present, and Future

  • S1 Ep29 - Truth or Dare, VRChat edition ft. Biogodz and Dark_Dutchie

For this week's episode, things get a little spicy when the boys decide to play truth or dare in VRChat. This episode features Biogodz and Dark_Dutchie, Top Dogs team members

  • S1 Ep30 - Stereotypes, part 1 ft. Andres and Bikendi

This week the boys talk about stereotypes, what good they are (if any), and what stereotypes they experienced growing up.

  • S1 Ep31 - End of the Year Reflections

This week the boys reflect on past holiday traditions and the first season of the Top Dogs podcast, the good, the bad, and even the ugly

Season 2[edit]

  • S2 Ep32 - Stereotypes part 2 feat. BardicRJ and Larric

For this week's episode the boys talk about stereotypes when it comes to different countries and cultures

  • S2 Ep33 - CorgiCraft, furry community guest

This week the boys interview CorgiCraft, a trans masc (he/him) twitch streamer and crafter of content. Lots of great information about his experience as a trans person in the twitch streaming community and general life experience as a trans person

  • S2 Ep34 - Technology, then and now

This week the boy's talk about the evolution of technology and throw back to technology they used a lot back in the day

  • S2 Ep35 - The future of the furry fandom

This week the boy's discuss the furry fandom and the future they envision, the positive potentials, and issues that still need to be worked on

Artistic credits[edit]

  • VRChat Top Dogs studio - Conrad Husky
  • Top Dogs Podcast logo - J'ron
  • Top Dogs YouTube thumbnails - Alazcat


  1. Top Dogs Podcast's About page on YouTube. Retrieved August 19, 2022.

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