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Tom Verre is a classic arts, computer graphics, and animation artist who active in the furry fandom from 1990, until leaving it mid-1997.

Tom Verre "worked in the comics/publishing field as a writer, artist, inker, [and] editor box loader/unloader".[1]

Furry works[edit]

"VerreAtions: The Collected Art of Tom Verre" was a two-part collection of Verre's furry art published by Radio Comix with the first volume released in 1994, and the second in 1995. Each was slightly under 80 pages and had a print run of 200. Felicity was a fanzine (featuring Mike Kazaleh, Garret Ho, Tom Linehan and others) that only had one issue, the same with portfolios Good Kitty and Overactive Imagination. Tom published and contributed to dozens of small press publications and was a contributing member of several Amateur Press Associations including Rowrbrazzle.

He also did cover art for Equine the Uncivilized and Skunk, inks and colors for Albedo #2, as well as various works for magazines, comics, APAs and fanzines, including Rowrbrazzle, YARF! The Journal Of Applied Anthropomorphics, SnowBuni, Furrlough, Wild Life, Genus, and the American Journal of Anthropomorphics.

Paul Kidd's idea for Tank Vixens originated from a unused concept by Phil Morrissey and Tom Verre entitled Lesbian Foxes In Hovertanks. Verre passed on the chance of taking over illustrating Rhudiprrt, Prince of Fur, which was given to fellow artist Will Faust.

Professional (non-furry)[edit]

Tom Verre has collaborated on some non-furry comics such as Phil Foglio's XXXenophile.

Tom worked for Fantagraphics Books as the Submission editor and was editor for the Eros, Hard Boiled and Monster lines.

He has spent over a decade in the games industry, and has worked in various capacities on more than 24 published PC, Mac and Console titles. Job roles include Game and Puzzle Design, Character Design, Art Lead, UI and Background Art, Animation Lead, Digital and Traditional Paper Animation, Script Writing, Lyrics and Voice Acting.

Tom Verre is currently employed by Linden Lab as a Community Developer on Second Life.


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