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Korrok's fursona, by Huskie

Korrok (real name Sarah Thomas, born November 1984), is a spotted hyena fur from Glasgow, Scotland. Korrok is a furry artist who has been participating in the furry community since early 2005. She currently lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with her boyfriend Greye.

Korrok's fursona is a one-eyed, lime green spotted hyena, and she also represents herself as a black coyote named Mørketid.

Korrok began drawing in January 2004. In 2005 she began to accept a variety of commissions and has worked for many clients in the fandom to date. Korrok's art has been featured in the Furoticon trading card game.

Korrok has regularly attended Furry Weekend Atlanta and Eurofurence. She was the artist guest of honor at ČeSFuR 2011.[1]

Korrok's interests outside the furry fandom include gaming, music (rock/EBM/industrial/dark electro), travelling, anime and animal welfare.

[edit] References

  1. Guest of Honor at CeSfur! - Korrok, Fur Affinity journal (13 May 2011)

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