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Tokenworks (established in 2010) is a duo of artists consisting of SaberKenji and his boyfriend Toenz, who is the conceptual core of the duo. Tokenworks offers digital illustration services such as commissions, comics, animations and other works.


Tokenworks was established in September 2010 as the alternate Furaffinity account of SaberKenji for female portrayed commissions and other comics under Toenz directions. In 2015, SaberKenji closed his personal Furaffinity page, switching completely to Tokenworks activity, turning it into his main gallery website.

Teamwork style[edit]

Tokenworks was one of the first commission artists in introduce the SketchMission offer: A simple cheap colored sketch commission affordable to the people who are not able to pay enough but have the money for spend on it. The duo artwork style is still experimental, mixing SaberKenji's style and Toenz directions to create characters with big cartoony eyes, solid lines and simple backgrounds.

Known artwork and comics[edit]

Although the duo does digital commissions, they are known for their comics:

Year Comic tittle Commissioner
2012 An Improvised Weekend Xianos/Deacon
2013 Demon's realm Hellboi
2013 Mark & Blitz: Blackmail jag_knight12
2013 An Openmind Vacation Original story
2014 Princess by day: Slut by night Rubberkitten
2014 Clash of Churros-Digimon- shy001
2017 Grimoire of Beast Doujinshi type fan comic
2018 Holly Mess! mr.Oppossum

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