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Togo Sled Dog is a silver Siberian Husky with blue eyes. His name pays homage to a dog that he feels to be one of the greatest huskies to pull a sled, Togo. Togo, along with Balto, was an integral part of the Serum Run of 1925.

Togo is the keyboardist and co-song writer of the music group Sub-level 03. Aside from writing songs with Wolff, Togo also engineers and runs Sub-level 03's studio, Blue Tsunami Productions. He and Wolff co-produce the Sub-level 03 recordings released by Four Paws Records and Publishing.

Togo also enjoys all things canine and currently shares his home with six dogs of varying degrees of wolf ancestry, as well as domesticated dogs. He is also involved in wolfdog rescue and provides foster care for wolfdogs awaiting adoption into a permanent homes. He plans to put together a small team of huskies someday and do some mushing for fun or competition.

Togo also does the occasional work of art or doodle, often with a canine theme. He is involved in other visual art mediums such as photography and video production, and was convention program book editor for Oklacon 2004.

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