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Tod Wills (also known as Formidonis, previously known as Coyotepuck) is an artist and puppeteer who lives in Washington, U.S.A.[1]

His most current[when?] project is the Ratha's Creature graphic novel, an adaptation of the classic book by Clare Bell. It was part of a successful Kickstarter in February 2013, and is currently[when?] under development. [2]

He is also currently[when?] setting up a puppet show called The StoryDragon, which will be available for free on Youtube.

Tod contributed art for the manual of the World Tree RPG and was cover artist for Sythyry's Journal, a collection of tales set in that world.[3]

In the past, Tod worked on these webcomics with anthropomorphic characters:

Tod attended Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008, Furry Connection North 2008, FurFright 2009, Rainfurrest 2012 and Rainfurrest 2014 as a dealer. He was also a guest of honor at FurFright 2009.


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