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Toboe Coyote

Toboe Coyote (formerly Toboe Wolfyote; born January 11, 1982) is a fursuiter who is originally from Wisconsin, USA, and currently lives in Seattle.[1] His fursona is a coywolf (a coyote/wolf hybrid; more coyote than wolf).[2]

"Toboe" is the phonetic for the Japanese word for "howl" (Katakana: トオボエ) and is the name of one of the characters from the anime Wolf's Rain. It is pronounced "toe-bow-eh" with a slight elongation of the first "o."

Toboe's first furry convention was Further Confusion 2013 where he also was a Gofur, and has since attended many West coast conventions. Toboe was part of the Convention Master development team, and also created Anthrodex.

Conventions and events[edit]

Toboe has attended:

He also has attended various Bay Area events:


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