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Kai by Skuell Wolf

Kai Glyn Llewellyn, previously known as Griffwolf or Tobias Husky, is a furry who lives in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. His fursona is a Siberian Husky with blue and black hair who has an unhealthy interest in technology.


Kai has achieved (BSc) Politics at Cardiff University with specialist interest in government, international relations, political science and political communication. He describes himself as a Welsh Social Democratic Separatist, supporting independence for Wales and ensuring that the state provides equality and social support and security.

Kai's interests also span through geography including meteorology, physical geography, and human geography. He also enjoys photography, where his photographs tend to focus on landscapes and forests. Kai is also interested in broadcasting, the media and enjoys following political coverage from UK and US networks.


Kai managed HuskyNet, which was his computer project. It involved three servers, several client workstations and a website. He split it into two networks, one that operated from his home in Monmouthshire and one from his residence in Cardiff, named HuskyNet 1.1 and HuskyNet 2.1 respectively, the two networks were connected using Hamachi, a zero-configuration virtual private network. Kai also worked with Legacy Macintosh operating systems such as Mac OS versions 1-9, Apple Rhapsody 5.3, using a collection of old Macintoshes and through Basilisk, vMac and Sheepshaver on his MacBook Pro. He has experience in Appleshare IP, Mac OS X Server, Rhapsody and Windows Server. Kai is also a hobbyist in satellite communications.


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