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Tk Coyote

Tk Coyote, (aka Puppy Tk) previously TkWolf, is a shy, fun-loving, cartoony coyote who is a California native.

Tk loves nature and having fun outdoors, and is a big cartoon fan. His hobbies include traveling, camping, surfing, art collecting, spending time with friends and meeting new ones.[1] Tk is also a Fursuiter who loves bouncing around as a playful Husky and sometimes you may see him stalking around as the RubberDawg Doberman pup. He is generally known as "Puppy Tk" or just "Tk".

His name, "Tk" does not really stand for anything, though he enjoys hearing all the renditions of what friends and others think it may mean.


Tk Coyote has attended:

Tk Coyote


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