Tito Lizzardo and Catty B

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Tito Lizzardo and Catty B
Tito Lizzardo and Catty B.png
Residence Miami, Florida,
United States
Profession or hobby Musician
Character species Dinosaur (Lizzardo)
Domestic cat (Catty B)

Tito Lizzardo and Catty B is a virtual urban contemporary duo consisting of anthropomorphic male dinosaur Tito Lizzardo and female feline cat Catty Baby residing in the city of Miami, which is in itself a music project commissioned by the España and Latin American branches of the Sony Music record label.



Title Details
Mundo de Colores
  • Released: May 6, 2022
  • Label: Sony Music
  • Format: Streaming, digital download


Original Title Year Album English Title English Release Date
Golosina 2021 Mundo de Colores Candy July 20, 2023
Dale a La Cabeza Move Your Head July 6, 2023
Gata Corazón n/a August 24, 2023
(as "Catty, You're The One")
Vacaciones Summer July 13, 2023
Sabrosa Watch Out September 6, 2023
Veneno Vibin' November 30, 2023
Meow Mama
(feat. Yennis Bencosme)
n/a October 19, 2023
Sin Sao n/a October 5, 2023
Sueño Dream November 2, 2023
Bailecito n/a December 14, 2023
El Poder 2022 Mundo de Colores Cat Power August 3, 2023
El Cumpletón Your Birthday Song August 10, 2023
Mundo de Colores World of Colors November 16, 2023
La Kakatúa Birdy September 21, 2023


Title Year Original Artist(s)
Calma 2020 Pedro Capó
Desde Esa Noche Thalia and Maluma
Corazón Maluma
(feat. Nego do Borel)
La Gozadera Gente de Zona
(feat. Marc Anthony)
Hips Don't Lie
(feat. Twin Melody)
(feat. Wyclef Jean)
El Anillo 2021 Jennifer Lopez
La Mordidita Ricky Martin
(feat. Yotuel Romero)
Muévelo Nicky Jam
(feat. Daddy Yankee)
Tutu Camilo Echeverry
(feat. Pedro Capó)
Waka Waka Shakira
Soy Yo Bomba Estéreo


Voice actors[edit]

  • Tito Lizzardo (dinosaur): Ricky Furiati
  • Catty Baby (domestic cat): Maryam Sousa
  • Juan Gato (feline): Elías Masri


  • Producers: Vicente Carrasco and Fernando Montesinos
  • Animation/Production company: Studio Ánima
  • Commissioner: Sony Music (España / Latin America)

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