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Titles is an anthropomorphic novel written by Kyell Gold and sixth and final book in the "Out of Position" series of novels. The cover art and interior illustrations are by Rukis and Amon Omega, and it was published by FurPlanet Productions in December, 2019.


Eight years after Dev Miski’s first championship game, he’s back in the playoffs chasing that elusive ring. Lee is chasing a promotion, one step closer to his dream job in the world of football. But Dev has a problem with his roommate, a flirty gay bobcat, and Lee is called upon to help a family member through a difficult transition. To get through these two weeks, they’ll have to remember who they are—and decide who they want to be.

Major Characters[edit]

Devlin "Dev" Miski- A tiger who is a gay football player who plays weak-side linebacker. Dev is Lee's boyfriend and Mikhail and Duscha's son.

Wiley "Lee" Farrell- A gay red fox who tries to work out his relationship with Dev his boyfriend. Brenly and Eileen's son.

Wix- a snow leopard and Dev's roommate who he is constantly flirting with.

Damian- Fisher's agent whom Dev hires after firing Ogleby. Turned out to be the one supplying Fisher with the illegal serum.

Ty Nakamura- a fox; wide receiver for the Firebirds. Ty reveals to have had a secret gay partner named Arch.

Hal Kimmel- a swift fox freelance sports reporter who tries to interview Fisher to help football players with injuries.

Brenly Harold Farrell- Lee's father and Eileen's ex-husband

Gerrard Marvell- a coyote; played for the Firebirds; Secretly had a second family behind Angela's back.

Morty- a cougar and Lee's former boss

Colin- a religious fox on the Firebirds who doesn't approve of Dev's homosexuality

Coach Lopez- a moose who is the coach of the defense on the Firebirds

Cord- a gay fruit bat hired by Lee to inform him of the changes in the LGBTQ community

Harley Devereaux- The owner of the Cansez UFL team

Coach Javy- defensive coach of the Firebirds' cornerbacks

Xu- an otter who is considered for an assistant GM position in Yerba


An audiobook for Titles has not been released, however, rumors of its creation have been confirmed in Gold's Twitter with the same narrator as the rest of the series, Jeremy Sewell.

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