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Tirrel (also known as Cerberus) is a British furry artist from England. He is best known for his Flash animations, though he also produces still drawings.

His fursona is a white-tailed deer[1] (previously a red squirrel), but he also has a vast collection of other reoccurring characters that feature in his animations and art. These include the fictional cover band "The Rockoons", Milo the poltergeist raccoon, business dragon and Katan the Aztec creature.

Most of the work he produces is created in Flash, but he frequently tries one-off experiments in other media such as wood, cardboard or digital painting.

Tirrel used to run a macrofurry webcomic named Not Big and Not Clever, hosted on Macrophile.com, but shut it down in 2006 to concentrate on other projects such as animation.

Tirrel was a guest of honor at Megaplex XII (2013).[2]


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