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Ron Orr, who has in the past also been known as Tirran and Grizelda (born Montreal, August 1956), is a Canadian furry. He divides his time between teaching mentally-challenged adults and crewing for a nostalgia drag-racing team.

The Genesis of[edit]

Ron co-suggested (with Tasmanian furry Tim Gadd (Lupercal) the creation of the newsgroup in response to the ongoing conflict on in 1996. He was active in developing the group's charter, the process that lead to it being newgrouped, and the FAQ. He went on to become a regular contributor until the early 2000's.


Ron has been costuming since the 1980's and has been a fursuiter since 1990. Since then, he has created over a dozen fursuits, and has performed in many parades and furry conventions, though he has been inactive since 2002. [1] Romeo Porcupine is one of his most famous creations.


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