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Tiny Paws Con is a furry convention which is held in Danbury, Connecticut, USA.[1]

Started by the former founder and co-conchair of FurFright, K'gra Leopard, and former assistant dealer director, Slidewolf, Tiny Paws Con will feature[clarify] a dealer room (The Expo), tabletop gaming, a charity room, and a large array of programming which will largely focus on creative activities.



Tiny Paws Con 2017 was held over September 8-10, 2017,[1] at the Crowne Plaza Danbury in Danbury, Connecticut, USA.[1]

The Guests of Honor for this inaugural year were D. Walker of Hopeful Monster Studios, and boobun, the 2D artist.[2]

Tiny Paws Con 2017 saw 179 attendees,[3] who raised $1237.10 for the Connecticut Humane Society.[3]



Tiny Paws Con 2018 is scheduled for August 17-19, 2018,[3] again at the Crowne Plaza Danbury.[4]

The guests of honor will be Shadra, Boozy Badger, and Patch O'Furr.[4]


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