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Timmy wearing his partial suit in real life
Timmy's fursona drawn by WingedZephyr from Fur Affinity.
Timmy Fox, line art by LizzyXeli from Fur Affinity and coloring by himself.

Timothy, self-nicknamed Timmy Fox (born Oct 5, 1995), is a furry fan who lives in Sweden. He can be found on The Furry Forums, Fur Affinity and YouTube.


Timmy's fursona, Feral 'Timmy' Fox,[1] is a "Royal Cutefox" (a special and unique mix of a red fox and a fennec). Feral has a strong addiction to pie.

Timmy believes himself to be strongly linked to his fursona, possibly through therianthropy. He owns a pair of paws, a tail and a set of ears which he's sewed himself.


Timmy's mate is Crevan Fox, a white Arctic fox with some green elements.


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