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Timmy's fursona drawn by Megani
Timmy's fursona drawn by WingedZephyr
Timmy's fursona drawn by LizzyXeli and colored by himself.

Timothy, more commonly known by the nickname Timmy, was born October 5, 1995. He is a furry fan who lives in Sweden and can primarily be found on The Furry Forums and Fur Affinity.


Feral 'Timmy' Fox is a "Royal Cutefox", a fictional species which is a unique mix of a red fox and a fennec.[1]


The Royal Cutefox has a size and shape similar to that of a larger fennec although features a very large pair of ears with pointy tips, each being a tad larger the size of the head, as well as a very fluffy tail that is roughly the same length as the entire rest of the body. The paws are generally fairly round and oval-shaped and each of its four paws contain only three digits with no "thumbs".

The coloration of a Royal Cutefox is similar to that of the common red fox although with a few distinct differences:

  • All pawpads are white
  • The head is completely orange
  • The ears are completely brown
  • The white stripe starts at the top of the chest and continues throughout the underside of the body as well as the tail, connecting to the white tip

Powers and abilities[edit]

Timmy's fursona has a few powers/abilities which he can use as he pleases.

  • Transformation - This allows him to transform himself from his default feral shape into an anthropomorphic shape. His anthropomorphic form has a height of about 5'6 and features more human-like hands and feet with 5 fingers/toes per hand/foot. This form is however very rarely used as he prefers his feral shape.
  • Waterbending - This power allows him to manipulate water as well as any liquids and objects that contain water molecules.
  • Pie-spawning - He is also able to spawn a pie in front of him by simply uttering the phrase "I like pie". This is however a very strange ability that only functions under certain very specific and unknown circumstances. He has only achieved this very few times throughout his entire lifetime.


Feral is fairly goofy, enjoys fun conversations and is quite fond of humor. He is however an introvert so his mood and level of talkativity can be very dependent on his company as he prefers smaller groups of people that he knows as he can feel a tad uneasy otherwise.

He also is known to have a rather strong addiction to pie. This is mostly for humoristic effect but can also be applied to various roleplaying scenarios where he can be seen interacting with a pie in silly and humorous ways, for example he might attempt to "hunt wild pies" or dive into a pie much like a regular fox would dive into snow. A pie could also be used to lure him into a trap.

It is predicted that if he should ever stop liking pie, the world will end.


Timmy has a fairly strong bond to his fursona, possibly through therianthropy. He owns a pair of paws, a tail and a set of ears which he made by himself and likes to relate to Feral as his "second half", as a form of alter-ego.


Timmy's mate is Crevan Fox, a white Arctic fox with a few green elements.


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