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TimeSuppression's Fursuit

TimeSuppression is a fursuiter and audio engineer originally from New Milford, Connecticut, USA,[1] who moved to Arlington, Virginia in 2017.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

TimeSuppression is one of the Convention Chairs for Furpocalypse as well as the Main Events and DJ director. He has been on staff for many conventions including Anthrocon, Texas Furry Fiesta, and Furry Weekend Atlanta. He is an A/V contractor for Fur the 'More, FA:United and several other conventions. Time Suppression also works as a production manager in the Washington, DC area, while sometimes traveling the country running various events like furry conventions, anime conventions, music festivals, business conferences, and more.[3]


TimeSuppression's fursuit was made in late 2013 by Sarahcat. In April 2014, his current fursuit head was also made by Sarahcat.[1]

Convention attendance[edit]

(1) Staff A2. (2) Staff A1. (3) DJ. (4) Main events director. (5) Audio Roo'd (6) A/V contractor/staff. (7) Staff L1. (8) Staff V1. (9) Staff V2. (10) Production manager. (11) Events 1. (12) Con Chair. (13) Staff MAGFest Versus, (V) Virtual Con, (GoH) Guest of Honor.


TimeSuppression started producing music many years before he joined the furry fandom. Using Ableton Live to produce all his music, he has created many tracks over the years from genres including minimal techno and progressive house.[4]

TimeSuppression has also performed as a DJ at several furry conventions, including Furry Connection North 2013, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014, Furpocalypse 2014, Texas Furry Fiesta 2015, and Fur the 'More 2015.[5]


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