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Timduru (born 1975) is a meerkat and a fursuiter from France who hosts websites and organizes activities within furry fandom.

Timduru discovered Furry (under this term) around 1993 while searching on internet for "animal costumes", but had already been a big anthro animals / costumes fan for some time. Mishi further explained the concept to Timduru in email correspondence during 1997. In 1998, he attended his first furry meeting at the Ocean City Doo Dah Parade in New Jersey, and later that year attended Albany AnthroCon. He visited Duckon in 1999, followed by Anthrocon, Eurofurence and Further Confusion in subsequent years.[1]

In 1998, Timduru created The Fursuit Archive, a web archive of pictures and videos of fursuits and furry conventions. He is also the creator of the monthly Internet broadcast FursuitTV, and The Fursuit Database based on Growl's and Radjin's concept. He manages the French furry website and forum FranceFurs, and hosts WikiFur and other sites, as well as streaming the Funday PawPet Show.

Timduru attends Eurofurence every year, and Anthrocon, Further Confusion and other events when possible. He also hosts fursuit dance parties at his house, dubbed Meerkat Manor, and organizes a yearly Halloween fursuit outing to Disneyland Paris. He was one of the organizers of FranFurence before announcing his retirement.[2]


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