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Timothy Fay (also known as Tim Fay and Tim Kangaroo) is an "Old School" Furry from Minnesota who remains active in the fandom. He contributed to Vootie and is a charter member of the flagship furry APAzine, Rowrbrazzle.

He was publisher and editor of a cartoonists' APAzine, Ink Spots: Comics for Cartoonists. His cartoon creations include The Easter Bunny (a superhero rabbit), White Cane, Blind Dog of the North and Star Fox (originally published in 1986 as part of the Entropy Tales anthology; not to be confused with the Nintendo video game of the same name).

He is a fan of The Secret of NIMH and, in 1986, published a massive one-shot fanzine titled The NIMH File which is today a sought-after collectors' item.[citation needed]

In early 2011 Tim became a fan of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic TV series, which airs on The Hub cable network and is active in brony fandom. He has contributed his artwork to several brony conventions, including Everfree Northwest and BronyCon. He is also a member of the Design Team for BronyCon.

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