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Tiltwolfe is a wolf who enjoys criticizing artists from VCL and furbid, as well as attacking furries online for what he thinks is stupid public behaviour.

Tilt joined the furry fandom in 1996, and, after attending his first convention in 1997, was hooked. Slowly but surely, he became involved in the furry art community, but kept a low profile, refining his skills over the years as an artist at conventions only until he was ready to show the fandom what he could do.

Tilt became more infamous because of his mannerisms toward other furs, attacking them verbally at conventions for what he called "a lack of common sense and decency". After being fed up with the fandom's more demented members, Tilt joined the Burned Furs movement, but soon after decided the group was not worth his time or input and found a new community, Crush! Yiff! Destroy!, joining the community under the name Dr. Blair, named after the scientist from John Carpenter's version of The Thing. Tilt was also a member of Gayfaggotinc, the former LiveJournal community which parodied the Internet and the fandom, and which also contained members of the Something Awful community as well. Tilt is also a member of the Something Awful forums, and one of the few furry goons within the community. He is also a consistent attendee of the Mephit Furmeet.

As well as producing art pieces, Tilt is also a musician, producing parody songs poking fun at the furry fandom, like More Furry than Human, a remix of the classic White Zombie song, and Ich_furaffinity, a sharp jab at the ill-fated online art community, Fur Affinity.

Tiltwolfe currently resides in Memphis, TN, and is married to another furry goon, Vitae.

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