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Toris James Gray is a furry amateur writer who lives in Poland. His fursona, Chiaru, is an actual alter-ego with which he feels connected the most. He published several short stories so far, most of these featured on, under Gryphus forum name. One of the works, "Imperfection", is an on-going reboot of two sci-fi stories about Cody Faulkner which were published on - one of them winning a writing competition held on the site. The other project focuses on the Selai, the bird-wyvern alien species.

He also known as Chiaru Shwakar on FurAffinity


Chiaru - full Chiaru Shwakar - is a bird wyvern alien dubbed Selai. He has violet scales and feathers, aquamarine eyes and sleek posture. Usually dressed into improvised combat armor with a red flag torn out used as a cape. Like his brethen, Chiaru possess the Z-DNA - based on dextro-amino acids.

Major works[edit]

Imperfection a.k.a. Codyverse[edit]

The Imperfection (or Codyverse) is depiction of a dystopian future in which humanity colonized the closest star systems to Sol using FTL - albeit severly limited in terms of range - and developed human-animal hybrids to bypass a treaty which bans human slavery, drug testing and inhumane experiments. The short stories (and planned novella), usually starring Cody Faulkner as a main anti-hero, also serve as a skeptical criticism over real life human-animal hybrid experiments and shunning upon racism, social injustice and xenophobia. The Bounty Hunter is a short story that had started the entire project, but was remodified into now-canon setting and re-released onto the FurAffinity account.

Selai (species)[edit]

Ćaru Shwakar - a typical member of the Seh'lai species.

The Selai - bird-wyvern alien species - incorporate both avian and reptilian traits of appearance having both feathers and scales. They do not lay eggs, en lieu being viviparous. They have partial wyvern-esque wings their hands, the symbol of long-gone flight ancestry as these bird-wyverns evolved into flyless species. The Selai are around 170 centimeters tall and weigh around 50 kilograms, mainly as a result of low gravity and bird-like bone structure. Their plummage and other feathers are usually in the same colour as the scales, just shaded differently. The colour differences between these two is not occurrence however, although it bears neither cultural stigma nor predestinates the member within the society. There is only one issue with Selaian physiology - they have Z-DNA, meaning their food, plants and even the Selai themselves are theoretically uncompatibile with e.g. human species. Despite that flaw, these bird-wyverns are heavily interested into different cultures and species.

When it comes to the Selai society, it is a heavily liberal one with plenty of freedoms - such as same-sex marriage or drug-access - alongside with straightforward but punitive law code. The actual xenophobia is, after all, very rare among the population as all Selai are have inborn curiosity - in some cases being like children touching the hot oven. Their original world, Sangsuata, had reached space just for little over a century, witnessing rise and fall of several kingdoms prior the Space Era - the last unification resulting in reaching the stars. While the society is heavily democratic as a result of loose constitutional monarchy, three royal bloodlines are kept together and have a very clear line of succession. Influence of these families is, however, visible only in case of the capital planet.Unlike the capital and the closest star systems to it, several colonies introduced slavery and forced labour under influence of other species. However, no job is considered as socially unacceptable - within reasons, as e.g. piracy is naturally distrusted. As a result of very egalitarian views, all jobs are treated with similiar respect despite their fundamental differences.

The planet of origin, Sangsuata within Sinh System is a small low-gravity world with solid core which gravity would barely contain protection against solar flares - if not the distance of the planet, fourth orbit from the star and relatively low albedo, the life would have it very hard to . The planet consists huge lush forests on three main continents, Asajara, Njuraka and Eiseta, with two smallpolar regions. The planet possess two barren moons, called Saah and Gatuuk. The capital itself has a strong self-identity across other colonies and bears a torch of the richest planet ever under Seh'lai control. Its government is a federation between three continental superpowers, which agreed to unify in order to begin space exploration.

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