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Malae Sinh, jokingly referred to as Space Gryphus.

Gryphus, formerly known Toris LaCroix, is a furry amateur writer and former musician who lives in Poland. His fursona is an anthro gryphon. The former fursona was an anthropomorphic fox named Toris.

Gryphus has been a furry since 2005, when he set up a gallery on deviantART under the former nickname Toris. He performed as a short-lived one-man black metal band called "Dethfuchs" (Deth from the name Dethklok and Fuchs from German word for 'fox'), with songs that had some furry themes. He was also member of the metal band "Kadeus", whose songs did not have any furry themes. In early 2011 both of the projects were cancelled, both failing due to hardships in real life. Gryphus dropped his musicial career in early 2014 due to the irrevertable loss of source data, though some music tracks were been recovered and uploaded under rebranded titles in the middle of 2016.

As for the writing career, nothing had been written so far, except for several minor short stories. Most of these are featured on and on his DeviantArt account.


Gryfus, also written as Gryphus, is an anthro gryphon fursona. The spelling difference comes from the fact that Gryfus is closer to the writers' native language, which is Polish, but both are claimed as acceptable. There are two version of the fursona, with the first being a spellsword bound to a medieval fantasy setting in which he works as a mercenary in service of various kings and lords. The second variant of the fursona is Malae Sinh (jokingly referred to as Space Gryphus) who is a Gryffsian renegade and mercenary from a small desert planet Pin'yn IV - a mining colony belonging to Gryffsian Commonwealth, somewhere in the Milky Way.

A Bounty Hunter[edit]

Gryphus' short story A Bounty Hunter - initially a novel idea - is set in 25th century. It takes place far away from the Solar System, in a cluster of stars near the Milky Way called The Magellan Group, which was colonized as a seemingly failed operation. It depicts a human society in which some of the people react to permanent incurable illnesses by having their minds uploaded onto biomechanical chips and implanted into artificially-designed hybrid bodies. The plot of the short story revolves around Cody Faulkner - a fennec DNA-mix bounty hunter - who finds out that his target also happens to be non-human. The story ends in a rather grim atmosphere.

The short story - cropped out of an original novel project - has been featured on in its abridged and corrected version. The original had been initially written as a contest submission, but did not get any votes due to spelling errors and bland out-of-place introduction.

The second short story has been featured on as well, this time being a light-hearted episode on the verge of spin-off as the story is not part of the novel project. Nonetheless, that story won first place in the competition.

The novel, initially to be released on November/December 2016, is stated to be on hold.

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