Tiger's Den BBS

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The Tiger's Den BBS was started in 1982 by Andre Johnson. Initially it was a used as a science-fiction bulletin board, but by that time he moved to The Prancing Skiltaire in 1983, it had several furry storyboards, the first being Ken Sample's The Puma's Room, and was almost entirely furry by the end of the year. It remained in place until it was shut down in January 1996.


The Tiger's Den BBS shared its name with a few other BBS systems located elsewhere.

According to a 1991 presentation hosted on textfiles.com, a group known as the Elite Den Crew operated a BBS also known as The Tiger's Den from 1986-c. 1988; "Phreaking and piracy was involved, although nothing was ever confirmed. Members included Tiger Man, Warlock, and the Messiah." It was likely not the same BBS as the system hosted at the Prancing Skiltaire, as this other BBS system was hosted in Stark County, Ohio at the time[1].

There was also a "Tiger's Den" system located in the 602 area code range of Scottsdale, Arizona in 1988[2], a Tiger's Den in the Memphis, Tennessee area[3], etc.