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Tibolf at RainFurrest 2012

Tibolf (born February 23rd, 1989) is a fursuiter who lives in Hillsboro, Oregon, United States.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Tibolf found his furry side in 2002. Nowadays he participates in conventions mostly as a fursuiter, and has previously been known to DJ. He is particularly active on Twitter.[2]


Tibolf's fursona is a wolf.


Tibolf owns five fursuits:

  • Tibolf - Constructed by Made Fur You. This suit debuted at Anthrocon 2010.
  • RedXIII - A Final Fantasy VII character. This suit debuted at Anthrocon 2007.
  • WereTib - Another rendition of 'Tibolf' as a Werewolf. Constructed by Made Fur You in 2014.
  • Jasper - A blue horse fursuit. Jasper was constructed by Kodi in 2014.
  • Stirrup - A white/black horse fursuit. Stirrup was constructed by Yonoa in 2015.

Video appearances[edit]

Tibolf at FC 2013


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