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This article is about the fursuiter who lives in Oxfordshire, England. For the similarly-named fursuiter who lives in France, see Tiwoof.
Ti Wolf's character sheet, drawn by Sybrant.

Ti Wolf (also known as Lutis) is a fursuiter whose fursona is a grey and white wolf. Originally from Cardiff, Wales, he lives in Oxfordshire, England.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Ti Wolf discovered the furry fandom in 2005, shortly after joining the MMOSG Furcadia. He became aware of the LondonFurs meets through a fur he met on Second Life, and attended his first London meet in 2008.

Not long after this, he was drafted into helping lead the fursuit walk, and gradually took this responsibility on a regular basis, eventually co-running the walk with Camrath. In November 2011, he joined the LondonFur organising sub-committee,[1][2] and in January 2013 was promoted to committee.[3]

Ti Wolf has attended the following conventions:


Although he originally portrayed himself as a blue tiger, Ti Wolf slowly associated himself more with canines, such that, by 2007, he had adopted a grey and white non-anthro wolf, known as Lutis, as his fursona. This character later gained a bipedal version, and he started fursuiting as Lutis in 2010.

The name "Ti Wolf" arose at his first LondonFurs meet, as he introduced himself as "Ti" - his real life name. He was soon advised that this was a poor choice of fursona name, so he tacked his species on the end to form "Ti Wolf". Although he is more commonly known by this name in the fandom, he still considers his furry name to be Lutis.

Other interests[edit]

Outside of the fandom, Ti Wolf's interests lie mostly in the realm of technology. He owns a large collection of retro games consoles and vintage computers, as well as a number of record players. He is also a keen street-lighting enthusiast, with a particular fondness for low-pressure sodium lighting.

His further interests include Nerf guns and architecture, particularly in the Brutalist style.


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