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Thunderstrike23 talon-avi.jpg

Thunderstrike23 is a furry whose interests include soft vore and weight-gain.

Thunderstrike's main character is named Talon Thunderstrike. He is a human/dragon hybrid, who is responsible for creating storms.

Person Profile[edit]

Thunder, also known as Brandon, is a kind individual with an open heart and warm embrace. He puts the needs of others before his own, even willing to travel across country if a friend is in need.

He currently resides in Ogden, Utah.

Fursona Profile[edit]

Talon Thunderstrike Is Half Human and Half Dragon Hybrid, often times mistaken as half reptile or some times a Dinosaur. He has complete mastery of all things electrical and energy related.

He was born to a Draconic Mother and Human Father, they met at a World Mage Conference, other than that very little is known about them.

Growing Up he was a solid white dragon with red underbelly, but in order to gain mastery of his element he infused his body with Runes on his Face, along his arms and down both sides of his tail.

Rune Information[edit]

  • Enhanced physical strength
  • cannot die of old age or disease
  • Gave him his Chaos and Law extremes.

Weapon + Combat Style[edit]

Talon is a wielder of the Naginata, a Japanese style pole-arm mostly known for being wielded by Samurai & Shrine Maidens. He is capable of channeling electricity through during combat.

He is also capable of using lightning to augment his physical attacks with it, shoot it out of his hands, feet, mouth, etc. Cover his body in it too. He can actually use it to run faster or hit faster too. If he's in a situation where exhaustion won't be a problem, he can use the lightning for point-to-point teleportation by temporarily changing himself into a bolt of lightning. Best attack is 'The Roaring Thunder' where he'll build up a charge by emptying out the electricity/lightning from around him (best in cities or places with lots of animals). He'll inhale the energy, charge it with what he normally has, and shoot it out of his mouth in a sort of beam.

Chaos Form[edit]

Artwork done by the artist Mogab

Chaos Form is a result of him infusing the Magical Runes on his body, his Naginata changing into a large scythe as well as sprouting wings and horns. When in this form he is the embodiment of Chaotic Neutral.


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