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Thunderhowl Studios or Thunderhowl Studios LLC is a fursuit making company started by Skye Cabbit back in 2015. Registered in 2017. Currently run by both Skye Cabbit and Aiko Wolf. Skye Cabbit began working for Thunderhowl Studios full time in September 2018 after leaving Redstorm Fursuits LLC. Aiko Wolf Began working full time with Thunderhowl in August 2019 after leaving his full time desk job.

Thunderhowl Studios' heads feature in lightweight breathable heads, follow me eyes and a foam moving jaw. Thunderhowl's signature style can be seen in Skye's own suit which has become her signature example for advertising. As of September 2018, Thunderhowl now offers Full plantigrade and digigrade options for commissioners.

Thunderhowl Studios' commissions remain closed but open roughly twice a year for about a week at a time. During that week, those interested in commissioning them can apply. Once the application closes, for the week after, Thunderhowl will go through the applications and select 2-15 feasible character designs. Selection is based on if the design is clearly presented and achievable by the team.

Updated information can be found on [ or] Thunderhowl Studios is a Fursuit/costume making company which means we only work with faux fur materials. Thunderhowl costumes are lightweight and hollow and built for performance. Our heads average 2lbs or less even with larger ears. They're also incredibly durable, flexible and waterproof (unless you add LED's).

Our suits are ideal for long duration costuming or for performing while in costume. We offer the option of LED's in the eyes, or even a fan built in.

Our Costume heads feature follow-me eyes and moving jaws. No resin or heavy interior needed to have these effects. Heads are made with various foam types and a magnetic mouth hinge. Bodysuits are made with Zip-on feet for digigrade suits and a zip-on tail option for most tails. These Zip-on features allows for easy cleaning and seamless appearance.


When Thunderhowl Studios first started in 2014, it was mainly for art production and sale through Skye Cabbit. At the time she was working on fursuits under Redstorm Fursuits LLC. This lasted until around August 2018 when she broke from Redstorm Fursuits and began doing fursuits for Thunderhowl studios full time. Kitkat Cabbit, who took over Redstorm Fursuits at the time, has since decided to start his own business called Furever Studios. Now both cabbits make suits with their own companies made similarly to one another in structure lightness and comfort.

Guest of Honor[edit]

Thunderhowl Studios is currently announced to be a Guest of Honor at Texas Furry Fiesta 2021.[1]


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