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Vulpecula Threetail (in full Vulpecula J. Allen Threetail is a writer and amateur filmmaker who lives in Arkansas, U.S.A. He is also known as Vulpecula and Threetails.

He is not to be confused with Vulpecula, a UK-based fur.

Vulpecula's fursona is a three-tailed red fox or "pseudo-kitsune."

He has an alternate fursona, Rigel Astutus, a Ringtail.

Personal Life[edit]

As of April 2010, Threetails is engaged to his long-time partner Kobi LaCroix.

Furry activities[edit]

Vulpecula is occasionally seen at furry events, and has attended several London Furmeets, Anthrocon 2004, and Mephit Furmeet 9. He has also become a reglar at Oklacon since 2008 and Wild Nights since 2009. He is also an avid writer of furry fiction.


Many of Three's writings can be found on his FurAffinity page.

Some of his ongoing projects include:

Basecraft Cirrostratus[edit]

Basecraft Cirrostratus is a novella written by Threetails between 2007 and 2009, and published by Furplanet in 2010 (under the name Justin Lamar). It follows the lives of Elor, a professor on the run from a brutal dictator, his former lover Vinz, Vinz's current love interest Laz, and a young ferret named Alrie as they try to survive in the criminal underworld within the cargo holds of the title craft.

Lady of Foxgold (tentative title)[edit]

"Lady of Foxgold" is the unofficial title for the sequel to Basecraft Cirrostratus. It picks up just a few months after the first book and deals with the complicated consequences of choices the main characters made in the first book. At present there is no release date set, and the first draft is currenly being written.

The Goldenlea[edit]

The Goldenlea is an upcoming novel, in roughly the same region as Basecraft Cirrostratus but set 650 years earlier, in a medieval setting. It is more of a low-fantasy epic than the previous book. A draft is currently under review by Furplanet.


Genetta is intended to be the sequel to "The Goldenlea." Currently it is in the earliest stages of a first draft.

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