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Those Destined is a webcomic created by Hayley Price. Most of the characters are cat people.


Rae, the destined hero. She is quite genre savvy, and uses this to her advantage. Her weapon of choice is a mallet conjured up through sheer will.

Sartus, the novice seer. He was sent to follow Rae by his uncle, an established prophet, before he was taught anything. Later he obtained a glowing sphere from the god of fortune, which eventually in a crisis turned into a crossbow that shoots lightning bolts. He is quiet and reserved, and a source of common sense.

Toky, the party mascot, as well as the thief. He's a Leovian - a housecat-sized winged quadruped critter who understands everyone else, but can only say “anyu”. Despite the language barrier, he is quite capable of strategic sabotage in combat and is the party's only source of income.

Marubel is an elf, although it's hard to tell when everyone have pointy ears. Plays a relatively "normal" role in the party. Able to call up nature's powers in times of need, although she lacks control of them.

Ophelia is the Evil Overlord of the story. Her specialty is summoning.

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