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Thorn, a.k.a. Nezumi-kun and Plantbat, is a trans woman furry (born 1985) living in the Western Wisconsin Furry Commune with Langly, Farore Nightclaw, and Silverlynx.

Personal Characters[edit]

Most of Thorn's characters have postfurry aspects, rather than resembling 'generic' furry characters.

Thorn's eponymous main character is a plant-based life-form, made out of mostly vines, that primarily takes the form of a (literally) leaf-nosed fruit bat with grass instead of fur and various floral aspects. Sprouting from their shoulder blades are Bloom and Gloom, two flytrap-esque blossoms on the ends of long, supple vines. Bloom has pink petals and is basically good; Gloom has purple petals and is basically evil. The blossoms have a finite amount of control over themselves and over Thorn, especially if they work together (a rare occasion), but ultimately, Thorn holds the reins.

Other characters include:

  • Lily, a computer chip with a body made out of electronic, mechanical and vegetative parts and a female personality
  • Eden, a hermaphrodite skunk-dragon hybrid with a Halloween theme
  • Lexie, a female red long-eared drake with many extreme piercings
  • Nezumi, Thorn's former fursona, a male lab rat with electrical powers and large bat wings
  • Rika, a female fruit bat raised by vampire bats with a taste for blood and gore
  • Aster, a male pegasus who is blue with a rainbow and a star marking his groin
  • Fritz, an intersex dik-dik
  • Alter, a male rat monster with three intact eyes, one missing eye, two mouths and six tongues

Conventions & Meets[edit]

Thorn has attended AnthroCon 2007-present, and Midwest Furfest 2006-present. He attends the MNFurs Picnics and furmeets whenever she can.

IRC Activity[edit]

Thorn can usually be found on the anthrochat server as 'Thorn' and FurNet server as 'Thorne'.

External Links[edit]

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