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Khord Kitty. Art by Dazreiello.

Khord Kitty, also known as Gabe (born July 23, 1986),[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Rio Vista, California, USA.[2]


Born in Rochester, New York, Khord moved to the Bay Area at age of 9 and staying in California until he was 24. He moved to Illinois, New York City, and then Rio Vista, CA. He started playing piano at the age of 4, drawing at 6, acting, dancing and singing at 9, songwriting at 12, filmmaking at 13, and animation at 14. Khord received his Bachelor of Music in Music Composition from San Jose State University in 2010.

Khord enjoys songwriting, flash animating, filmmaking, dance, piano, and singing. His interests also include psychology, casual games, current events, and politics. The casual games Khord frequents are Tetris Arena, Plants vs Zombies 2, and Candy Crush Soda Saga.


Khord Kitty. Art by Thalion.

Khord's professional career is being a background actor. He has been seen in various TV shows, feature films, short films, student films, and commercials.

His secondary career is playing piano. He has played piano for graduations, parties, in bands, orchestras, in musical pits, and studio recordings. He also sang professionally from 2007-2011.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Growing interested in furry culture in high school. Khord started browsing VCL in 2001 and made his first interaction with a furry on FurryNation in 2007. Khord was introduced to conventions and furmeets in 2008 by the first furry he met; Emerald Sage, at San Jose State University. He attended Crack Chicken frequently from 2008-2010.

Khord started actively instant-messaging furries in April, 2009, after being invited to Skype by Iaran Frye-Carter, a furry he met through Yahoo! Answers.

Khord Kitty was on the registration staff for Further Confusion 2010. He then attended a furmeet in Champaign, Illinois in the summer of 2011, and has since then attended several New York City and New Jersey furmeets. He was at the final New Jersey FurBQ in 2011.

On independence day in 2014 he received his fursuit, Khord Kitty, commissioned from Locado Coon. He has participated several fursuit dance competitions and, in 2015, placing 1st at Furnal Equinox, FurryCon, and Fur_the_More. He also founded the dance competition at Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend.


Khord's fursona is a female, feral white Shorthair werecat created on June 20, 2009. The name "Khord" originates from the term "Chord", a musical term for pitches being played simultaneously.

She has a black vertical stripe on her back, and heterochromic with a blue left eye and green right eye. Unlike most weres, she can never turn back to her human form and takes an appearance contrasting traditional portrayals of weres. The stripe is both symbolic of a black note on a piano, as well as a tire mark referencing Khords backstory.


Khord Kitty was originally a male human named Chris. Chris was cursed when he ran over a cat during a drunken after-party drive. That unnamed cat had a karma spell which cursed Chris. The spell made Chris have to become Khord Kitty. With no memory of her previous human form, Khord's personality is playful, curious, cheeky, and sly.

Convention attendance[edit]



Year Recorded Title Genre Notes
2011 2005-2011 Pawsed [Explicit Content] Comedy, classical, rock, electronica, Free Download Novelty songs and instrumental works.
2010 2005-2010 Besides B​-​Sides Comedy, jazz, experimental, electronica, showtunes Free Download Novelty songs, covers, and instrumental works.
2010 2005-2010 Besides B​-​Sides Monster 2​.​0 [Explicit Content] Showtunes, Classical, Jazz Free Download Novelty songs, covers, skits, and instrumental works.
2010 2006-2010 Neo​-​Everything Classical Free Download Classical style instrumental and vocal works made as a part of the Music Composition program at SJSU.
2010 2008-2009 Arise Zombie Jesus [Explicit Content] Comedy, holiday Free Download Novelty works and Christmas parodies.
2010 2005-2010 Cluster​-​Falsetto and the Emos A Cappella, chamber pop Free Download Choral covers and originals with several chamber pop works.
2010 2005-2009 Cover​(​s For) Your Ears [Explicit Content] Comedy, pop Free Download Vocal covers and parodies of pop tunes. Tracks 6,11,13,17 sung by DJ Jake and edited by Khord.
2010 2005-2009 InstruMental Disorder Electronica, classical, pop, jazz Free Download Instrumental works and skits.
2010 2004-2009 M​.​A​.​P. - Major Abortion Promotion [Explicit Content] Comedy Free Download Novelty Original Songs.
2010 2001-2009 MiVox Live Showtunes, Classical, Jazz Free Download Covers recorded live in front of an audience.


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