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This Land is a role-playing MUCK with an African wildlife theme.

  • Addresses:
  • Ran from/to: March 2003 - 2009


[edit] Wizards

  • Umhali/Misa - Head Wizard
  • Kasa - Programmer
  • Semti - Character Management Wizard
  • Kiba - Help Staff Wizard

[edit] Characters

  • Kizingo - Nomadic Adolescent Lion
  • Mbokala - Lioness Cub
  • Quisi - Nomadic Lioness
  • Vita - Lioness

[edit] Domains

The domains, or areas, listed from the OOC nexus are Janikiwiti, Mavunde, Mbiomaji, Tengemano, and Ukame. Many rooms have no descriptions.

[edit] Controversy

The welcome screen is very similar to the one featured on Maisha MUCK, as pointed out by an anonymous guest on This Land, in a message board post on August 18, 2004: "The splash screen looks exactly like the one that used to be on Maisha MUCK, years ago. Right down to the font and everything. That's almost creepy. Like in a stalker kind of way, even. Oh well, I guess it's just a coincidence."

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