Third Stone Stamps

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Third Stone Stamps (previous named Third Coast Rubber Stamps) is an Texas based art rubber company offering a number of anthropomorphic characters. The company was started in 1995. As of 2009 they carried more than 5,000 stamp images. Stamps are manufactured on site, to order, from deep-etched red rubber.

The catalog currently has a number of Victorian period "humanimals", lots of werewolves, centaurs, felines, and numerous others.

TCRS art includes work from SmilodonArt, Panda, and Victory.

They sell stamps un-mounted only! That means you are just buying the rubber die, with no cushion or wood attached. This accommodates the various ways that customers like to mount their stamps, helps keep prices lower and helps preserve forests. For more information on how to mount your stamps or for mounting supplies, please check the website.

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