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Things Will Be Different
Author(s) Spazzy Koneko and KingofKOF
Launch date November 2008
End Date January 2009

Things Will Be Different (TWBD) was a webcomic by Spazzy Koneko and KingofKOF which was hosted on The Katbox. It began in November 2008 and updated on Saturdays. Updates ended in January 2009 after Spazzy Koneko stated that she no longer wished to continue.[1] Its page on The Katbox has since been taken down. Seven of the eight strips completed during its run and one bonus page are archived on TWBD's deviantART account; the eighth and final strip is not.


  • Toby Foxx - a red male fox
  • Dan Woolfe - a male wolf
  • Rachael Wilkes - a red vixen


  1. The Katbox Community Forum thread concerning Spazzy Koneko's departure

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