Things Will Be Different

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Things Will Be Different
Author(s) Spazzy Koneko, KingofKOF
Status Weekly
Launch date November 2008
End date January 2009
Genre Adventure, Comedy

Running Wild is an adventure/comedy webcomic drawn by Spazzy Koneko and written by KingofKOF.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In his dream, Toby Foxx dreams of being a cop in a lead movie. After making a horrible one-liner, Toby wakes up with sounds of the director shouting CUT over and over again. He slowly stumbles toward his bedroom door after hearing his roommates shouting. Toby comes to learn that Dan Woolfe pulled Rachel Wilke’s tail. Toby explains that Rachael is very territorial about their tales, a mistake he made on his second date. Rachael punches Toby for saying that out loud. With Toby falling fast asleep at the table and finishing up her breakfast, Rachael heads out to class. Toby stops and kisses Rachael goodbye, saying that he’ll see her tonight. Back at the breakfast table, Dan questions Toby about his relationship with Rachael as he thought that they broke up permanently this time. Toby explains that he and Rachael have a booty call relationship to satisfy their primal needs.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Starting with the upper left image, Toby Foxx, Dan Woolfe, and Rachael Wilke.

Toby Foxx

Toby Foxx lives with Daniel Woolfe and Rachael Wilke in a rental unit. Toby is a struggling actor that is currently doing weekend weather on Channel 5 from 4:00 am to 7:00 am. Toby often dreams of being a lead actor. Toby has a booty call relationship with Rachael.

Daniel Woolfe

Daniel Woolfe lives with Toby Foxx and Rachael Wilkie in a rental unit. Daniel is a radio show host that has his own show, The Wolfs Den, on WFOX New Age Radio. Daniel also works on the weekends DJ-ing at parties and nightclubs. Daniel has multiple girlfriends. Fooling around, Daniel pulled Rachael’s tail early in the morning.

Rachael Wilkie

Rachael Wilkie lives with Toby Foxx and Daniel Woolfe in a rental unit. Rachael is currently a fashion student who works as a manager at the Scene Scene. Rachael hates goths, scene, emo, and all things hot topics in addition to irony. Rachael is quite territorial, especially with her tail. Rachael has an booty call relationship with Toby.

No Longer Listed on the Katbox[edit]

In January 2009, Spazzy Koneko stated that she did not wish to continue working in on the Things Will Be Different. KingofKOF made the announcement on the Katbox. Things Will Be Different’s subdomain has been removed from the Katbox.

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