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This article is about the furmeet. You may be looking for the concept.

Therians (also known as the Easter Y2K Therians' Meet) was a furmeet initially held in May of 2000 and 2001 at California Chalet and Touring Park in Wokingham, South East England. The event was primarily organized by Stormrider, who also managed the 1999 Reading Meet.[1] 52 furs and therians attended the 2000 event, over double the amount expected.[2]

Activities included LaserQuest, DDR, facepainting, and (in 2001) the creation of a dangerously chocolate beverage. Several fursuiters were present, and a mini fursuit parade was held in 2000.[3]

Other instances of this event were held in Exeter (the fourth) and Brighton (the fifth).


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