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Promotional poster for episode one

There She Is!! (Korean: 떳다 그녀!!, also known as Tteot-ta geu-nyeo or Tteotta or Ddautta), is a South Korean Flash cartoon series produced by a three-person team and hosted on the Korean website SamBakZa.

The cartoons became particularly popular during the spring of 2004 when they were exposed to American and European audiences. The series is originated from the comic strip One day (Korean: 어떤날) which had been published from November 2000 until March 2002 in the Braille newspaper ("Newspaper that we read together", Hangul: 함께 읽는 신문) that is published by Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo.

The series is noted for its classic manhwa style elements and its high-quality animation. The first There She Is!! generated a large amount of positive feedback from its online audience, including fan art, which drove SamBakZa to produce more cartoons in the series.


Nabi and Doki on their first date

The plot of the series is the romance between a female anthropomorphic bunny, Doki, and a male cat, Nabi, in a world where such interspecies relationships are taboo.


  • Doki - Doki (도키, cf. Korean word tokki 토끼 "rabbit") is a female rabbit who is madly in love with Nabi and considers everyone to be her friends. Although very loving and cheerful, she is somewhat obsessive and willing to go to extremes to get what she wants. She has a habit of befriending animals and putting green ribbons, similar to that of Nabi's, around their necks or tail.
  • Nabi - Nabi (나비, cf. Korean word goyang'i 고양이, "kitty") is a male cat as well as Doki's love interest in the story. He is reluctant to return Doki's love at first, finding her antics annoying and fearing the social repercussions, but grows to tolerate and eventually reciprocate it. He wears a green scarf and seems to have some skill in martial arts. In Step 3 it is shown that he works as a paperboy. Nabi translates to "butterfly", and is a common name for a pet cat in South Korea.
  • Jjintta Set: The Jjintta Set (찐따 세트 Jjintta Seteu, translating as "Moron Set") is a gang of three roughnecks, shaggy male rabbits. The three are brothers, the children of a female rabbit and a male lion. They appear as minor antagonists in the second episode, but slowly develop a friendship with Nabi. Their members include:
    • Il-ho (일호, "Number One"), the leader of the group, and also firstborn. He has a rather fierce rivalry with Nabi and is extremely protective of Doki. In episode 2 He misunderstands that Nabi was forcing her in a relationship, but realizes otherwise later. In episode 5, He gives Nabi a ticket to "Paradise" albeit reluctantly. In the episodes, it is unclear what motivates his behavior, but in 2016 the creator shared that Il-ho's motivation is his parentage.
    • Yi-ho (이호 Iho, "Number Two"), who wears an eye patch and has a crush on the keyboardist, Pi. The second eldest brother.
    • Sam-ho (삼호, "Number Three"), who wears a medical mask and appears to be less coordinated than the other members of the gang. The youngest brother.
  • Band - While the website's profile does not give any information about them, they are present in Step 2. The band consists of Pi, a female cat keyboardist; and a male rabbit guitarist named Moon.
  • Red Eyes - A tall male artist bunny wearing sunglasses. He was originally created as an antagonist.
  • Hana - Hana (하나, translating as "One" or common name in Korea.) is a female cat, and the apparent owner of the band. She is shown to be very kind, especially towards Doki and Nabi, and has a loving trust in her bodyguard, Pizza.
  • Pizza - Pizza (피짜, Pijja) is a large male cat, and Hana's bodyguard. He has a noticeable scar over his right eye, but its origin is unknown.
  • Gray Rabbit - Gray Rabbit (회색 토끼 Hoisaek Tokki, literally Gray Rabbit) is a large male rabbit who is in love with Hana. He is often depicted holding a bouquet of flowers. Works as an electrical engineer.


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DVD and There She Is!! 'another step'[edit]

Artist Amalloc (Keun-young Kim) indicated that, once the complete series of five was finished, he hoped to produce for sale inline (online?) a DVD of all the works.[citation needed] There already exists a fan-produced DVD of the first two episodes (complete with subtitles), but this has not been publicly released due to copyright concerns.

On January 12, 2016, after HD versions of the original five episodes had been uploaded to YouTube, SamBakZa launched an Indiegogo campaign (since funded) in order to help fund a new episode of There She Is!!, There She Is!! 'another step'. The new episode will primarily feature the Jijntta-set, the three scruffy mixed-breed cat/rabbits, and will explore their origins and why they ultimately decided to help Doki and Nabi find their love.

The final step officially aired on August 18, 2020, on Newgrounds for three days for a fee. It is scheduled for a later release on DVD. Amalloc has said that some of the scenes of the film will be released on YouTube in 2021.[citation needed]


In addition to being on the SamBakZa website, a version of the first animation with English titling was published in 2004 to high acclaim.[citation needed] This, along with the English-titled sequel, has given a much wider audience for SamBakZa in the Western world where they now have a respectable fan base. Although the animations have no dialogue, and the characters' names weren't disclosed until 2006, the webtoons are admired for their constant and well-played action, which gets laughs and "aaaw"s from its viewers.

"There She Is!!" was nominated for both the Professional Award and the Cyber Jury Award at the Anima Mundi Web Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2004. It won both categories. [1]

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