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The Cooler, also known as Coldpaw, is a furry traditional artist who is from and lives in Guatemala City, Guatemala.[1] His fursona is a silver wolf.[2]

The Cooler searches for and critiques the artwork of other furs, helping new artists get some recognition on his weekly journals if they reach his high standards as he studies Arts and history of arts in the University of San Carlos USAC in Guatemala, he is also in Record the first Furry in Guatemala as he has been a furry since 1999 (and there is no record of a furry so far before that time in Guatemala) starting at the age of 13 and it is also it's first Fursuiter Building up his first fursuit that he made by himself and show up on conventions of anime and comics around the year 2008 in guatemala and has not stop ever since gaining him the nickname of "Lobito" into that community in Guatemala, he also co-founded with other furries of that same country a Furry Group known as FurGua (Furries Guatemala) that dedicates to: inform and communicate about the furry culture in Guatemala, help other furries of Guatemala to find their inner furry, create their fursonas and furusits, as to also meet other furries inside Guatemala and outside of it that are Guatemalan, he is also the creator or the online comic "Elemental Legend" that features various Furry like characters with Element Biological or Artifical superpowers, he has created various different characters for Latin America as for North American and universal Audiences, The Cooler's slogan, and personal signature, is "Keep it up & Keep it kool!".


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