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Nicole the black vixen as herself
Theblackvixen as Dew the angel dragon; EF 20

Theblackvixen, also known as Nicole the black vixen (real name Nicole Bedner; born January 18 in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)[1][2] is an anthropomorphic artist, fursuiter and fursuit-maker who lives in Stenungsund, Sweden,[1] with her fiance, TailWhiteFur.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Theblackvixen is a fursuit-maker operating under the label BVsuits, with help from TailWhiteFur. She is also one of the official species moderators of the Dutch Angel Dragon species.


Theblackvixen owns three main fursuits: Nicole the black vixen (her main fursona that she identifies with), and Dew (a side character that she often portrays). Both characters' designs are of her own creation.

  • Nicole the black vixen - Nicole is an anthropomorphic black phase red fox. The character features short, spikey black hair, blue eyes with violet eyeshade, and a white tipped tail. The suit head was created by Nicole herself, with the bodysuit made by Nightwolf Costumes. This bodysuit is the improved version of her older bodysuit, made in 2014.
  • Dew the Dutch Angel Dragon - Dew is a fantasy species called a Dutch Angel Dragon, created by Ino89777. She is dark green, lime, red, and white, with a set of feathered wings. This partial suit was created by Nightwolf Costumes. A bodysuit is under construction. A large part of Theblackvixen's online identity revolves around this character in particular.
  • Papatika the budgie gryphon - A new character introduced in December of 2014. She is a fantasy gryphon species comprised of vulpine, feline, and leporid traits for her mammalian half, and budgerigar for her avian half. This partial suit was completed by Nightwolf Costumes as well. It is the first avian to be made by the company. Her name translates to "twitch" in swahili.

Convention attendance[edit]


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