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The Yiff Gallery frontal page (2011).png
YG frontal page
Author(s) Owner: TheAdmin, HaZe
Status Online
Slogan We keep your paws moving!
Launch date 2009
Genre Social art community
Web NC-17
Header for Halloween (2011 and 2012)
Simplified YG logo

The Yiff Gallery, also known as YG, is a furry multimedia website which hosts yiff art, videos, stories and more. It offers these particular materials within several systems to create a clearly arranged layout.


The Yiff Gallery came online on 2009 by two furries who had the idea that they could publish the archives of the yiff community on a gallery-like website platform. The G2 System has been used to test this and was hosted on a server. But soon it was noticed that the capacity of such a free account was insufficient to handle such a mass of data, and the website was moved onto a server of a friend of one of the Admingroup-members. It was hosted at for almost a year, but as the data traffic for the content grew too high, the friend of the Admin banned the YG from his server and they decided to buy their own server and build up the particular systems such as the video portal, the story portal and the YG Beta.

As of January 2012, The Yiff Gallery had about 2500 to 3000 (G2-System only) visitors daily.

Goal and services[edit]

All Yiff Gallery systems are "open source", and can be used by everyone for free. Every visitor is able to register for free, to upload his own material and to publish it for the community. This counts for all systems of the YG.

Allowed media[edit]

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Web-based community archives for fiction, video and images
Mature content
Defunct(?) or not recently updated
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