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Yiffy.Tk was a furry community that offered site reviews, image galleries, a fiction archive and many more features to the fandom.

Yiffy.Tk was operated as the flagship website of Bad Karma Networks, and lent its massive index of furry URLs to the FurFinder.net spider, as well as offering hosting space for the 420furs.org forum. By the end of 2007 its site database exceeded 900 records. The Y100 furry topsite index and FurStumbler feature were introduced to complement the database's explosive growth.

  • Address: http://www.yiffy.tk (cybersquatted; see archive)(cybersquatted since circa 2018; human-scat site in 2019)
  • Administration: Bad Karma Networks
  • Ran from/to: February 29, 2003 - August 2008


Yiffy.Tk/Yiffy International "Goodbye" message

The Y100[edit]

Button y100.gif

At the end of December 2007, The Y100 was the only existing topsite index for the furry fandom.[citation needed] It was created along with FurStumbler to respond to the explosive growth of Yiffy.Tk's site database with the intent of showcasing the best the fandom had to offer.

The index is composed of sites from the Yiffy.Tk review database with the highest ranking. Any site with over 15% furry content is eligible for entry into the topsite index.[citation needed] Additionally, users are not required to register to vote, ensuring a dynamic and open experience.

A companion list, The Yiffy 50, was created at the same time to give more focus to sites of an erotic nature.

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