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The World of Alpha Lupi is a world building project started by Alpha Lupi. The project consists of a dedicated website, a comic series, an animation, and a video game.[1] Work on the project began in September 2016 and development has been ongoing.


The World of Alpha Lupi is broken up into several parts referred to as "modules".


The World of Alpha Lupi has a website located at The website serves both as a blog and an information site where visitors can read about the project's lore and history.


The novel has been in development since 2016. Several chapters have already been written. There is no planned release date yet.

Comic Series[edit]

Writing for the comic series began in late 2016 and is still ongoing. The pages will be posted to the project's website.


The animation is being developed in small segments. No release date has been announced as of yet.

Video Game[edit]

The World of Alpha Lupi video game is an ongoing development.


The World of Alpha Lupi is set in a futuristic cyberpunk dystopia. The Earth-like moon Eos is inhabited by various anthropomorphic species closely resembling the animals of Earth. Eos is dominated by large megacorps while off-planet societies are controlled by of the two massive crime syndicates or are in a state of anarchy.

The protagonist, Alpha Lupi, is a computer hacking fennec fox working for the K9 Unit syndicate. After taking on an unusal contract, Alpha upsets the brittle relationship between the syndicates.


There are several important locations in The World of Alpha Lupi.


Habital moon orbiting Hyperion, a ringed gas giant. Eos consists of five nations - Imperium, Oasis, Kowloon, The Tropikos Republic, and Columbia.

Eos City[edit]

Megacity roughly 15 times the size of New York State. Central location that contains most of the planets population.

Horus Station[edit]

Massive space station that is home to the K9 Unit syndicate.

Governing Bodies[edit]

The Five Nations of Eos[edit]

The Five Nations of Eos, or The FNE is the leading regulatory body throughout Eos. While not technically a governmemt, The FNE is viewed as one due its political influence on each nation in Eos and its large standing armies.

The K9 Unit[edit]

Massive crime syndicate controlled predominatly by canine members. Runs Horus Station and several small off-planet colonies.

Nine Lives[edit]

Crime syndicate whose scale dwarves the K9 Unit. Members are exclusively feline. Owns several stations and large ships, as well as several city blocks.

Organized Crime[edit]

A major aspect of the World of Alpha Lupi is its organized crime element.

Computer Hacking[edit]

Computer systems in The World of Alpha Lupi are not unlike our own. However, who may access the backend of these systems or even poccess knowledge of their workings is extremely limited. Because of these limitations, computer hacking is extremely rare and cybersecurity practices tend to be lax. The protagonist takes advantage of the situation to create hacking toolkits for his criminal syndicate, whom exploit the computer systems for benefit.

Narcotics Smuggling[edit]

There are several forms of intoxicants that are outlawed throughout Eos by the FNE, the most notable being powder. Powder is manufactured and distributed by both crime syndicates.


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